this website is for froebel.
froebel is a linux distribution.
it is not gnu.
its goal is to be free, as in freedom
while remaining free of gnu, as well,
because alternatives are important.

that means:

we wish to build a functioning system,
in spite of these restrictions,
to show that it can be done.

it is not ready yet.
maybe it never will be.
you can try it soon.

the source code is here.
you need clang. and mksh. and make. and other things, too.
froebel will try to build some things for you.
it doesnt know how to do everything, though.
you will need to help it.
it appreciates you.

help is welcomed:
we dont have a kernel working yet.
the kernel needs to be free of blobs,
and needs to be built with llvm and clang.
we also need bootloaders.
we want syslinux,
but it doesn't build with clang.
we need init scripts,
and an installer program.
we need to audit the licenses
of the software being used.
given those things, we will be ready
for release 0.1, "introduction"